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I learned it from the guy who learned it from the guy.

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New Scientist

People of secrets: the slave sanctuary anti-language | New Scientist

A remote village in Mali speaks Bangime, a language that hides as much as it communicates. Did this unique tongue evolve to shield escaped slaves?

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Snowshoe Magazine

Before you snowshoe alone, ask yourself these questions | Snowshoe Magazine

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” – Ed Viesturs

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Scientific American

Winter is coming… so wear the right clothes | Scientific American Guest Blog

While ‘Game of Thrones’ takes place within the frame of the fantasy genre, those well versed in cross-cultural ethnology recognize real world analogs to many of the show’s institutions and practices. And when it comes to adapting to extreme climates and environments, the consequences of failing to learn from neighboring culture are clear.

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A long way from home | Juneau Empire

Tlingit war helmets are highly valued as objets d’art by private collectors. In May of 2008, one sold for $2,185,000 at the Fairfield Auction in Newton, Conn. Rosita Worl related that war helmets are also highly valued by the Tlingit, but not in a monetary sense.

Astrology analogism article

Analogism: an ontology visualized

Astrology, divination, and evolutionary trees are representative of Philippe Descola’s analogism.

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New Scientist

Child refugees can be dogged by poor health for life | New Scientist

Children figure prominently in the 2013 UNHCR tally of 51.2 million refugees—half are under the age of 18. This is especially worrying because studies drawing on data from 20th century conflicts are revealing how being on the move during childhood can have lifelong detrimental health effects.

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What the well-dressed fieldworker is wearing this summer | Savage Minds

Planning a summer trip to a hot weather field site? Let’s punch up your wardrobe a bit prior to departure.

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Cherokee stickball: the first written documentation

In the late 19th century stickball was an autumn game, but in the winter of 1715/16 a colonial officer recorded two ball plays in the Cherokee Lower Towns of Upstate South Carolina and North Georgia.

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How to draw kinship diagrams | The Human Family

An anthropological oldie but goodie that isn’t as obvious as it may seem.

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Snowshoe Magazine

Do snowsports have a therapeutic effect on Seasonal Affective Disorder? | Snowshoe Magazine

Multiple factors contribute to SAD, at least some of which are addressed through winter recreation.

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Seeking a broader audience for your work? Don’t overlook Google+

If you’re a social scientist in search of a broader audience for your scholarship, you’ve almost certainly given thought to how social media can advertise your work and yourself. Give Google+, the search giant’s much-maligned social network, a look.

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Edible Berkshires

Ramps, the smell of spring | Edible Berkshires

Some people would have you believe that fresh ramps and people who have recently eaten them have a disagreeable odor. But because I grew up in Western North Carolina, to me ramps will always be the sweet smell of spring.

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The Laurel Magazine

Bloodroot | The Laurel Magazine of the Highlands-Cashiers NC Plateau

The chance to catch a glimpse of bloodroot in bloom should be motivation enough to get anyone out the door for an early spring hike.